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"What is a Christian"

Mail me comments, suggestions, warnings, flames, whatever


I have received responses , and I welcome these. Some are disagereeing, some are expressing identification with me. ( submissions thru May 4, 1996)

New Additions Sept. 3, 1996

I welcome any ongoing responses, and even responses to these. I hope to incorporate some kind of conferencing system so this can be a full fledged "forum" of sorts to dialogue.

I have been SLOWLY learning a program called MHonarc that converts an email box (such as the ones Eudora creates for messages of a pre-determined, filtered subject) and creates a series of HTML files with indexes. Here is what I was able to do with the notes I have been able to keep up with.

Earlier Archive Notes (Negative and/or disagreeing Comments )

A response saying I had no idea what "historical Christianity" was about

A response asking me not to call my "What is a Christian" definition a "Christian" definition

A question about my view of fundamentalism

A question about my "extended" definition of what is involved in "believing in Christ "

A question about my view of "The Word of God" and about "other religions" and the truth

A warning about the "deception" of Matthew Fox writings and teachings

A request to Please remove my listing from the Christian Resource List because I am "not a Christian"

I just realized that I have been posting mostly the more negative responses. I am going to go back and collect the others and post them.

Positive and/or agreeing comments

Go to the single page I have created (more to come as I figure out a good way to do this. Any suggestions as to a simple to implement "conferencing" or "discussion" application I can use for this? Use mail me link below)

Index of Latest Interactions expressing common Interests, Identification, and Appreciation (new submissions added May 4, 1996)

Mail me comments, suggestions, warnings, flames, whatever  This site maintained and researched by Dale Lature, Lavergne, TN