Individual Theological Groups

This is the beginnings of what I intend to help write, edit, collect, and add to the mix of what I see as a vast, as yet untapped world of people who are deeply related but not yet acquainted. Here we can begin to see new common missions, discover mutual interests, and share some diverse stories of life as a community of faith.

This can be a host page and a Linking page. The beauty of the Web is that it isn't any one person's or organization's own ball game; rather, collaboration and sharing of resources is the name of the Web game (regardless of the presence of the would-be "Webtrepaneurs").

I want to start this page off as an invitation to share visions of how this page can enable ecumenical communications. Should we begin to contribute what kinds of issues and needs that most need our collaboration and which we can address and (dare we think it, actually DO something about it because of our coming together)?

In the few months since this site has started, I have gotten a few comments, some questioning my theology, some thanking me for my comments and expressing identification with what I am trying to do or say. I am still searching for a "conferencing" utility that will allow interactive posting to this site so I will not have to manually convert messages to HTML. Anyone know of something I should try? Please use the mail me icon below to send me info at .

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