Other Seminaries

Here we will build a collaborative list of theological places of study already on the Net. Please contribute by mailing URLs of your reccommendations for additions to this list by clicking this link.

In the meantime, check out my list of links relating to Religion and Theology

Or check out this list of Seminaries and Religious Institution Libraries (telnet sites)

Theology and the Internet

Theological and Religious Studies
The Internet and Theology
Christian Guide to Essential Internet Resources

The Internet for Christians

Religious Studies

APS Research Guide to Resources for Theological and Religious Studies
Catholic Resources on the Net
C.G. Jung Anthology of Writings
Celtic Christianity
Chorus: Scott Pell, C.S.C.
C.G. Jung Anthology of Writings
Communication Helps (UK) The WIRE
Community and Culture:Religion
Faith and Science Links
Internet & Electronic Media
KansasReligion and Philosophy Corner
Latter-day Saints Info on the Internet
Nostra Aetate (The Church and Non-Christian Religions)
Provenzano and Sons Philosophy/Theology Page
Religious Studies Home Page (UPenn)
Resource Page-Biblical Studies
Society and Culture:Religion:Christianity:Ministries
The Christian Theology Page
The Feminist Theologian Resource Page
The Source
Theology on the Web
Unravelling Wittgensteins Net - A Christian ThinkTank
Vanderbilt University Divinity Library
Web-Site of Unknowing
William James: The Varieties of Religious Experience

Theological Schools and Seminaries

Ashland Theological Seminary
Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond (CBF)
Boston University School of Theology
Center for Biblical Literacy
Christian Colleges and Organizations
Concordia Theological Seminary
Covenant Theological Seminary
Cranmer Theological House
DIBS: Disciples' Institute of Biblical Studies
Earlham College's WWW Thread
Fuller Theological Seminary
Gettysburg College
Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary
Luther Seminary
Miami Christian University
Pacific Lutheran Seminary
Pitts Theology Library
Presbyterian School of Christian Education (Unoff)
SantaClara U Religious Studies Dept.
Westminster Theological Seminary
Wheaton College
Wittenberg University

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