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Balcony People

The image of the balcony comes from the Biblical passage where we read of "being surrounded by a cloud of witnesses", and these are the people of the church, future,past, and present, from whom we have learned and experienced growth , and to whom we will leave a legacy and an impression.

Many of these I am actively seeking to contact in some way, directly or indirectly, online. Some of these I have already begun to incorporate and provide links which I am hoping will become an active arena in which people from each of these communities and concerns can call "home", or encourage them to create places of their own ("of their own" and yet still a part of the Web from which they branch out)

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No special order to these; just a list of "influences" from modern theologians in their own right, of whom I have read or heard and find to be encouragement, challenge, and liberating.

Tony Campolo

A Sociology of Faith and Church

Keith Miller

The struggle of the faithful and the importance of authenticity

Church of the Savior, Washington DC

Intentional community and mission

Youth Specialties and The Door

The "Crap detectors"

Sojourners Magazine

Faith , Politics, and Culture


An Online Community

United Theological Seminary

Communication in a technological age

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

the final years of academic freedom

Frederick Buechner

Master of words concerning the human condition

Creation Spirituality

Discovering our natural spirituality and what we may have been denied

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Caring enough to confront and to demand

Clarence Jordan

Challenging the staus quo

Mahatma Gandhi

Non-violent spirituality

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Mail me comments, suggestions, warnings, flames, whatever

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