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What is a Christian?

I saw a Web link which asked this question, and when I checked it, it gave me a tract-type listing of the things one prays in order to become a Christian. For me, this type of "definition" of a Christian is like scraping fingers on a chalkboard. In fact, it is not a definition at all, but what I call a "formulaic" approach to becoming a Christian.

There is certainly an element of "turning around" involved in becoming a Christian. But it involves the entire process. Not just the beginnings, but the carrying out of a life of transformation, one day at a time.

The World Wide Web is a ripe vehicle for exploring more multifaceted definitions and descriptions. The task of "describing" the Christian life is frought with complexity. There is a very strong element of the idea of "becoming" in my Christian tradition. To quote a scripture, Phillipians 2:12:

" out your own salvation in fear and trembling, for it is God who is at work in you, enabling you both to will and to work for his good pleasure."

The Web format of multiple links leading to other links, and often leading one back to links a second and third time or more is the ideal format in which to explore a definition of "Christian". As a Christian I also acknowledge the activity of the one God in many representations of the search for truth in all cultures. IN fact, many of the older, pre-Western traditions may have treasures buried in them; buried by centuries of Western dominance of the field of knowledge and history (at least in written, recorded history of which our own Western world has been made aware). For more info on this, see my section on Creation Spirituality

So in this "web" I am calling New Media Communications I hope to explore a variety of avenues, expressions, and testimonies of the search for God, ourselves and commmunity, and what these have to do with each other.

I will start with a linked list of major starting places which give an idea of where I have found my most important issues in my efforts to "get a grasp" of what life is; my "theology". I will weave into this set of documents a list of the biggest theological influences and writings upon my journey of faith; my "balcony people" (New links added February 1, 1996)

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