Church of the Saviour

Dear Friend,

I'm very new on the Net, so on my first trip out, I come across your 
page. I am the Director of Marketing for Sojourners magazine, but I am 
also a pastor of a new faith community that is connected to the Church of 
the Saviour. Gordon Cosby is the "grandfather" of this community, but 
with the new structures of COS, namely its disolution, it would be hard 
for me to say that this is part of the COS. Gordon claims that we are one 
of three new communities that will join the other nine that make up the 
historical COS, but nonetheless, I thought it might be neat to contact 
you, and let you know that I'm out here, too. 
I am also the associate director of Jubilee Ministries - the organization 
that tries to care for ministries such as Christ House, Samaritan Inns, 
the Potter's House, etc...
Anyway, I've never done this before, but I'd be glad to get to know you 
if that type of thing works over this contraption. 
David Wade